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Anonymous asked: Thank you for the response about the Barnard question you just answered! I've spoken to sarannabay in the past and she was very kind and helpful :) I just wanted to ask someone else in addition, to see if they could provide some more light on the matter. It's rather depressing to know the unlikelihood, but I will for sure apply regardless.

I so apologize for not being able to answer you better. I just talked to my friend and she said that her talks with the bursar were pretty extensive. It seems like it’s different from person to person, situation to situation. One thing I will say: it’s much more difficult if you apply as a Spring transfer (as I did) to get financial aid, so I’d recommend applying as a Fall transfer.

Anonymous asked: I'm a low-income students who wants to transfer to Barnard. My question is if you possibly know any low-income transfer students that were accepted? I know Barnard is need-aware for transfer so I'm afraid that will hurt my chances of admission significantly.

I’m afraid I can only think of one off the top of my head. I know it’s pretty difficult to lock down much financial aid as a transfer for reasons I’m really not aware of. I would still recommend applying anyway, you never know what might happen.

Edited to add: someone just messaged me and suggested you reach out to sarannabay!